A rug with a particular colour or combination of colours or even an unusual size can be sourced for you

It may be difficult to believe but sometimes despite having hundreds of rugs in our warehouse, we sometimes just don’t have the right colour or right size for a customer.
We are happy to source rugs for you. Travelling 3-4 times each year to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and India looking for the best quality of new and antique rugs and kilims to import to the UK, enables us also to look for particular requests for our customers.

Why do Handmade rugs cost more than machine made rugs?

Every aspect of making the rug is by hand. The yarn is hand-spun and hand-dyed. The pattern for each rug is drawn out by hand. The finishing process is also by hand. But the most time consuming is the knotting. If you look on the back of a handmade rug you will see lots of tiny dots. These are knots and each one is tied by hand. If these knots are very small it means there are more knots on the rug than a same size rug with bigger knots. So the rug with smaller knots take longer to make and will cost more.