the right rug

Only you know the ambience and statement you wish to create whether it be tranquil, traditional, minimalist or bold. Fortunately, at the Rug Centre there is a huge and varied stock from which to choose.

Choosing the right rug involves getting the right size, colours and tones as well as rug design for your setting be it home or work. The right rug transforms your room bringing together your furniture and soft furnishings and lighting.

It is a luxury if you are able to begin creating the feel of your room based around a rug you love, and although starting from an empty room is the ideal, for most this is not always possible.


Is the rug going to sit inside the sofas, partially under the sofas or beyond them?  Always leave a frame of your flooring around the rug. Not only does this enhance the rug but it would be shame to cover all of the floor.


The options when buying for a bedroom are one very large rug or 2-3 smaller related rugs

If you buy one large rug remember that the border patterns will be seen more than the centre of the rug, so choose a rug where you love the border patterns.

Your rug could lie fully beneath or partially under the bed, but with enough showing at the foot end and sides.

Alternately, you might prefer a runner for either side of the bed and if you have the space a smaller rug at the foot of the bed.

Dining room

A rug under you table whether it is square, oblong or round needs to be big enough for you to pull your dining chairs out from the table without the legs of the chair passing over the edge of the rug. If the rug is not big enough, eventually with the chairs being pulled in and out over the edge of the rug, wear and damage will occur.

Once you have decided which size option suits your room take the smallest and largest measurements the rug could be, giving you a range to work within. If you are not sure about size dimensions we can visit you and measure up or advise.

From experience working with many, many customers over the years, we know how difficult it is to be sure of choosing the right rug

If you are not confident to buy directly from our online shop there is always the option of visiting our showroom and warehouse. You may prefer to borrow a selection to try in your home. If the rugs are very big we can help with this.

Alternately, contact us. We can then make suggestions for rugs which will enhance your room by sharing virtual images, some of which may not have occurred to you.

A handmade rug is for keeping so getting the perfect rug for your needs is paramount.

*Fibres and Dying

All our rugs are made from Natural fibres – Wool, Silk and Cotton with an exception of ‘BambooSilk’ or Viscose-rayon which is used in a few rugs as a highlight. These fibres are created using a manmade process which changes the cellulose found in wood and bamboo into a fine silk like fibre.

All our rugs are mainly vegetable dyed colours, however, some of the really vibrant bright or fluorescent colours often on modern rugs contain a mixture of vegetable dyed colours and man-made organic dye colours. The man-made dye is made through a process known as ‘cracking’ crude/petroleum oil hence its organic origin.