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At times, we have worked with individual customers to create their own design, colour, or unusual shape or size rug. This is always possible but of course, because the rug is hand-made to their specification, there is a time factor involved which may be between 6-9 months or possibly longer. Whilst working on a bespoke rug we always share updates and images of the progress of their rug being made.

Trade and Interior Designers
We work with Oriental rug shops as well as Interior Designers and you are welcome to contact us either to visit our showroom and warehouse or request us to bring a selection of our rugs to you.

Contact us at [email protected]

Good to know….

A rug which is 180cm x 120 cm (6’x4’) may take 2-3 month or longer to create depending on the knot count, and contains over three hundred thousand knots in total!

There are different types of knots some commanding a higher price than others.