Shiraz Afg 189cm x 123cm / 6’2” x 4′


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Having a thick luxurious pile in distinctive in deep reds, browns, blues and whites Shiraz rugs tribal are patterned with bold geometric shapes and borders, filled with scattered floral and bird patterns. These rugs resemble tribal Qashqai rugs. These rugs were originally woven by nomad people in surrounding small villages. Shiraz carpets are simple Persian carpets made of wool from the region.

Shiraz rugs originate from the city of Shiraz in South Western Region of Iran (formerly Persia) often known for ‘Fars weavings’. Shiraz rugs are considered to be of good quality and are hard wearing. Wool on cotton
The Shiraz rug is now also being made by Afghan weavers.

Origin Afghanistan
Style Shiraz
Pile Wool
Warp/Fringe Cotton
Hand-Knot type Turkoman double Knot
Knot count 25/30 (75,000-90,000 knots per square meter)
Pile depth / Rug thickness 5mm/12mm