Qashqai Rug 256cm x 159cm / 8’5” x 5’3”


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Qashqai is the name of Turkish Nomads moving from pasture to pasture between Isfahan and Shiraz in Central Iran.
Rugs knotted by Qashqai Nomads are highly prized and thought to be the most famous amongst Persian tribal weavings, not only for their quality but also their beautiful patterns and design elements. They are thick, pliable rugs being hand knotted from fine naturally dyed local wools. The colours sit well together and are usually deep rusty reds with blues, greens and gold elements. An original Qashqai rug will have a binding with 2-3 colours in it.
The patterns can depict floral and animal images.

Qashqai rugs are sometimes referred to as “Shiraz” being at one time mainly sold from Shiraz markets in the past. The wool produced in the mountains and valleys near Shiraz is exceptionally soft and beautiful and takes a deeper colour than wool from other parts of Iran.

Origin Iran
Style Qashqai Rug
Pile Handspun Wool
Warp/Fringe Handspun Wool
Hand-Knot type Ghiordes / Turkish knot
Knot count 25/30 (75,000-90,000 knots per square meter)
Pile depth / Rug thickness 5mm/10mm