Moud 335cm x 236cm / 11′ x 7’9”


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Moud is a village south of Birdjan in Eastern Iran.
The Herati pattern of Moud carpets is identifiable with all over small repeating pattern motifs. Some carpets also have a central medallion reminiscent of a star or hexagon. Many Persian carpets from Moud show motifs from Persian gardens in small rectangular borders similar to Bakhtiari tribal rugs. The strong colours are often blues and reds, with a contrasting ivory background. Moud carpets vary greatly in quality with fine Moud rugs having a mix of silk and wool giving a lustrous effect.

With their very characterful design Moud rugs enjoy an excellent reputation and are identified quite often by the weave on the back of the rug rather than by the design, characterised by a white flecks of warp showing through.

Origin Eastern Iran, South of Birdjan and Mashad
Style Moud
Pile Wool and Silk
Warp/Fringe Cotton
Hand-Knot type Asymmetric Jufti Baft
Knot count 200,000 to 400,000 Knots per square meter
Pile depth / Rug thickness 5mm/9mm