Chinese Pao Toa Silk Rug152cm x 92cm / 5′ x 3′


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Chinese Pao Tao rug. Circa 1960’s, this rug depicts a traditional Chinese story of Immortality: The Red Crested Crane, the symbol of longevity in Chinese culture is said to be able to communicate with both ‘mortals’ and ‘immortals’…..once every thousand years a special mushroom grows which when eaten enables immortality…the immortals tell the crane, who in turn tells the deer, who in turn tells the mortals where this special mushroom can be found growing….the mortals find and eat the mushroom becoming immortal.

Origin China
Style Pao Toa
Pile Silk
Warp/Fringe Silk
Hand-Knot type Double knot
Knot count 350,000-500,000 knots per square meter
Pile depth / Rug thickness 2.5mm