Bidjar 291cm x 254cm / 9’6” x 8’4”


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Bidjar rugs originate from the Kursdish town of Bidjar in Kermanshah Province, Western Iran.
These Kurdish tribal rugs in browns, navy blue, reds with ivory, gold and blue highlights often have a diamond type medallion with concentric repeating diamonds echoing outwards each filled with tiny, intricate repeating floral patterns. The rugs are made using a symmetrical Turkish Knot but also have two weft rows between the pile row of knots, making the Bidjar rug tremendously durable and firm.

Bidjars are sometimes known as the ‘’Iron Rugs of Iran’’ and lend themselves well to high footfall area. Often found suitable in commercial settings and hotels simply because of their durable quality. The finest Bidjars are woven by Afshar people living North of Bijar Tekab, still keeping very much within the Bidjar traditional patterns and techniques.

Origin Iran
Style Bidjar
Pile Wool
Warp/Fringe Cotton
Hand-Knot type Symmetrical Turkish knot
Knot count 300,000 to 400,000 knots per square meter
Pile depth / Rug thickness 6mm/12mm