Bakhtiar Silk Old 163cm x 112cm / 5’4” x 3’8”


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Bakhtiar rugs are named after the Bakhtiari nomadic tribes people, who live in the Sagros mountains south of Mahallat, between Hamadan and Isafahan (Iran). The Bakhtiari tribe, based in Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari, are well known for making rugs which commonly depict typical Persian gardens. The pattern is called Chesti. Since the early 19th century Bakhtiar rugs have become collector’s items.

Origin Central Iran, West of Isfahan
Style Bakhtiar Antique
Pile Silk
Warp/Fringe Silk
Hand-Knot type Senneh knot
Knot count 350,000-500,000 knots per square meter
Pile depth / Rug thickness 2.5mm