Aqchae 280cm x 76cm / 9’2” x 2’6”


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Aqchae rugs are thick, soft and pliable being made of woollen pile on a wool warp. Aqchae rugs from the town of the same name are in two main designs, striking in their simplicity, the patterns combine two to three colours and are taken from two traditional Afghan motifs each with geometric and paisley guls or motifs in the layered borders
There are three ranges in Aqchae – Red Aqchae, Natural Aqchae and Ranga Aqchae.

Red Aqchae, Natural Aqchae, Ranga Aqchae all depict either ‘Pheel Paa’ (Elephants foot) design or ‘Mawree’ (Camel foot) design – a much smaller pattern.
The Red Aqchae rugs also known as Red Afghans, one of Afghanistan’s most famous classic rugs, are created using two shades of red with a black or very dark blue.
The Natural Aqchae is made from 100% undyed natural yarns, the fleece colours of local sheep ranging from black, browns, shades of greys and creams.
Ranga Aqchae bring newer combinations of colour to the traditional patterns.

Origin Northern Afghanistan, Aqchae
Style Aqchae
Pile Hand Spun Wool
Warp/Fringe Hand Spun Wool
Hand-Knot type Turkoman Baft
Knot count (30/30)-90,000-110,000 knots per square meter
Pile depth / Rug thickness 5mm/10mm